Reviving Miss Silvia: Pulling My First Shots

Well, after partially assembling, checking for leaks, fixing leaks, and completely reassembling, Miss Silvia (a 2006 Rancilio Silvia) is pulling its first espresso shots and steaming milk for lattes. So far everything is working more or less like it was before it died. Next weekend I replace the portafilter gasket and see if that gets rid of the niggling leak around the portafilter.

Photo of a latte and a Rancilio Silvia
Making my first latte after rebuilding a v1 Rancilio Silvia

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  1. Thanks for leaving this around. I was replacing a boiler last night and did the exact same thing with the overtemp sensor. After seeing this I ordered a set of the micro extractors. I hope they work as well for me.

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