Hey, you found my About page!

Well, I know this is where I’m supposed to engage in blatant self promotion, or go to great lengths explaining the nuances of what this site is about, but I think you can figure most of it out for yourself.

Other reasons you may be on this page:

If you’re looking to hire me, shoot me an email at mjoneill@gmail.com or learn more about me on LinkedIn.

If you’re looking for my portfolio, I’ve taken it offline as I have my hands full between work and some personal projects.

If you want to stalk me on social media, be my guest:

Affiliate links and product reviews on this site
Be aware than I sometimes link to Amazon when I talk about products I use. If you follow one of these links and go on to make a purchase in the same session, I earn a small commission on the sale.

I am not paid to promote products. I am sometimes offered products in exchange for a review. In those cases, I disclose that I did not pay for the product in question. Also, nobody gets a free ride: my thoughts and opinions are always my own. Nice words are not for sale. No refunds on nasty ones either.

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