Mediacom, This Is Why You Suck

Mediacom, this is why you suck. In fact, it might be at the very heart of why you are evil. First you introduce this non-standard “Website Redirect Service” that redirects me to your stupid page, but then you don’t let me opt out of it.

In the past, at least you respected my selection and let me opt out…but only for a while. Eventually, you always come back.

You are a blight on internet standards and really, you need to stop doing this to your customers.

Default Everything

Just a note about the site. I’ve just migrated everything from Drupal, and I gotta say, WordPress is the way to go (for me). I’ll accept that Drupal may be the technically superior solution, and can be beaten to better serve very high bandwidth sites…but seriously, upgrading was hell and most everything else was a headache for me. This is so much nicer….

But, given that this is one of a few sites I’ve just migrated, I’ll have to work through them all one at a time and the site identity here will use the default 2013 theme for awhile.

Dennis Blowing Snow After Blizzard Nemo

A photograph of Dennis O'Neill clearing his driveway in Holden, Massachusetts after the Blizzard of 2013.
Dennis clearing the driveway after the Blizzard of ’13 (Nemo)

My mother sent me this picture of my father using his snowblower to clear the driveway after the Blizzard of ’13 (I have a hard time calling it “Nemo”) dumped 30-inches of snow overnight.

This is the view burned indelibly into my memory from childhood: watching my father do this very thing from our big bay window, me snug in my footy pajamas while he wrestled outside with the loud, snow-belching machine that threw the snow forever…