The Last Mediacom Bill

Dear Mediacom,

At first I thought you sucked because you insisted on abrogating internet standards with a “Website Redirect Service” that you wouldn’t let me shut off. Since you fixed that problem, you’ve decided to place data caps on my previously “unlimited” service. Of course, when I exceed your arbitrarily imposed caps, you charge me more fines on top of on an already obscenely large bill.

What’s obscenely large?
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Mediacom, This Is Why You Suck

Mediacom, this is why you suck. In fact, it might be at the very heart of why you are evil. First you introduce this non-standard “Website Redirect Service” that redirects me to your stupid page, but then you don’t let me opt out of it.

In the past, at least you respected my selection and let me opt out…but only for a while. Eventually, you always come back.

You are a blight on internet standards and really, you need to stop doing this to your customers.