Dennis Blowing Snow After Blizzard Nemo

A photograph of Dennis O'Neill clearing his driveway in Holden, Massachusetts after the Blizzard of 2013.
Dennis clearing the driveway after the Blizzard of ’13 (Nemo)

My mother sent me this picture of my father using his snowblower to clear the driveway after the Blizzard of ’13 (I have a hard time calling it “Nemo”) dumped 30-inches of snow overnight.

This is the view burned indelibly into my memory from childhood: watching my father do this very thing from our big bay window, me snug in my footy pajamas while he wrestled outside with the loud, snow-belching machine that threw the snow forever…

The Big Iowa Blizzard of Febuary 1

OK, so I’m sure we can debate whether or not the weather event that struck Iowa on 02/01/2011 was an honest to goodness blizzard, I will say that it was the first time I’ve had snow drifts in my garage and snow tornadoes on my stoop.

Pictures Of The cleanup

Snow Tornados

Snowdrifts In The Garage