Mediacom’s Last Bill

Screen capture of an internet bill from Mediacom.

Our monthly bill from Mediacom for internet only.

This is our bill from Mediacom. It will be our last bill.

We are internet customers only. We don’t buy TV programming from them. We don’t by telephony service. We just needed a broadband connection to the internet, and they were the only game in town.

When we signed up, we had “unlimited” internet. At some point they decided to introduce data caps and impose fines.

So now we pay roughly $70.00/month for basic broadband internet (15-20Mbps down) plus a $10 fine for exceeding the data cap on what was once our unlimited internet package.

This is the behavior of a monopoly. And since they are no longer a monopoly in our area, I can get the same/better plan for approximately 1/2 the cost. Also, it’s unlimited data.

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